Skin Mole Causes – What Makes Skin Moles Develop?

October 11th, 2010

Are there dark blotches on your skin? Do you suspect you have skin mole growths? Apparently, moles have been evident in a major number of the population. Moles can cause such worry to some people. To others they can be very good assets if located on the right spots. People may opt to take the moles out for various reasons. One reason might be because of the fact that moles can show signs of malignancy. However, the common reason why people get rid of the moles is for physical appearance purposes.

There is no particular reason why moles develop. They could be hereditary or they can develop overtime. Usually, moles caused from genetics have malignant tendencies and could eventually develop to skin cancer. By this time, a Dr. must have already evaluated the mole especially if there is a family history of skin cancer.

You might be wondering how all these skin mole causes are related to cancer. Moles acquired from birth have larger tendencies of becoming malignant or developing cancer. This is associated with the fact that cancer, itself, has strong ties with genetics. People with congenital moles have an increased risk of cancer if there is a history of cancer especially skin cancer in the family. These types of moles must be continuously observed. If ever there are some sudden changes on the mole that barely resemble normalcy, it must be consulted as soon as possible with a physician.

Some assumptions on the development of moles are towards loving the sun pretty bad. Too much sun exposure is related to mole growths. You might ask how it’s even possible. Let’s get into the details. Moles are clusters of melanin or skin pigmentations. Meaning, there is a concentration of dark pigments on the skin. Prolonged exposure under the sun further darkens the clustered melanin. Moles also develop in times when hormonal changes occur usually during teenage years and pregnancy period where there are sudden surges of hormones.

After the basics on skin mole causes, the next question is how to get rid of them. More than half of the population thinks that surgery is the only way out of moles. The fact is: it’s not. Aside from the bare truth that surgery is expensive and tedious with all the consultations, it can leave behind scars and comfort is not an assurance. More than that, it can take a couple of weeks for the wound to totally heal. However, if the moles have tendencies of becoming malignant, then, surgery might be your only way out.

There are still mole removal techniques that leave no scarring and blemishes and work within three days. Is that possible? Yes, it is. This type of approach gets rid of moles – fast, hassle-free and conveniently. It has helped thousands of people with moles and is currently topping market trends. Get a glimpse of it now.

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